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Can endometriosis spread to other parts of the body?

Endometriosis is a benign chronic gynecologic disease occurring due to endometrium (inner lining of the uterus) cells that normally grow inside the uterus initiating their growth outside of the uterus, leading to infertility and pelvic pain, usually accompanying menstrual cycles. It is reported that endometriosis affects as much as 10-15% of all women in their reproductive age.It is clinically tested that inflammation caused by the cyclic detachment of cells spreading from uterine line to wrong places during menstruation can result in pain.

Previous studies have shown that endometriosis cells can rarely develop into cancer cells. Moreover, endometriosis have something in common with cancer as endometriosis cells can invade adjacent organs or even spread to distant organs. Actually, the cells can spread to every organ and anatomical structure in the body except the spleen. In cancer, such process features cancer cells acquiring the ability to penetrate walls of lymphatic or blood vessels, after which they circulate to other organs and tissues of the body. However, the mechanisms behind such invasion and metastasis are not fully understood yet.

Many research have conducted on two proteins called OPN and MMP-9, which are known to be responsible for cancer spread in endometriotic cell migration. For example, the team led by Dr. Mei Yang inhibited the production of OPN and MMP-9 in endometriotic cells using modern  RNA interference. And they activated endometriotic cells by supplying estrogen hormone and increasing the production of OPN and MMP-9. As expected, the migration ability of these cells was enhanced upon estrogen while these abilities didn’t elevate in normal endometrial cells.

These research results show that various treatment conditions can affect the production of OPN and MMP-9 in endometriosis. Furthermore, the production of these proteins may explain why endometriosis is capable of invasion and spread to distant organs. From the research we can see that hormone level can cause the transfer of endometrisis cells. But the fact is that many women has chosen injectable hormone or control drugs to treat their disease, although they can treat abnormal menstruation to relieve pain by regulating the estrogen level in women, but it will, at the same time, cause and accelerate the spreading of abnormal endometrium cells to other organs.

By contrast and exploration, some new and suitable methods are given birth which get rid of the disadvantages of the previous remedies like hormone and drugs that will aggravate the condition by the proliferation of the abnormal cells to the normal tissues and organs. That is we know increasingly called natural remedies. Natural remedies have many branches, one of which is herbal medicine, originating from ancient China. Undergoing the ordeal of history and people, herbal medicine last for a long time and gaining more widespread of popularity and recognition. The remarkable medicine fuyan pill is such a emerging helper for women which is developed by Dr.lee based on her 30 year’s clinical practice and experience.

Fuyan pill is a comprehensive formula able to improve blood circulation and self-heal, reduce clotted blood, as well as resist  hyperplasia, prevent fibrosis, calcification, detumescence and so on. In this way, it regulates your menstruation and relieves pain as well eliminates inflammation to keep your body balanced so that the estrogen level can restore normal again by itself. Apart from endometriosis, many other gynecological inflammatory diseases are curable by Full Pill, such as chlamydia infection, pelvic cavity inflammation, uterine diseases and other kinds of gynecological inflammatory diseases.

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